Nutritional Medicine

Imagine feeling like yourself again!

More energy! Mental clarity! Better mood! Your optimal weight! Passionate! Strong! And a robust immune system to avoid time away from your loved ones or work!

Whether your difficulty is  simply low energy or poor digestion or possibly life-threatening or   lifestyle limiting, Nutritional Medicine may help eliminate or reduce the underlying cause of your disease thereby supporting your natural healing process.

I will often suggest dietary additions or changes to your foods to help you. I may also use teas, vitamin or mineral supplements or even healthy oils to help you. This may also include a Food Sensitivity Test from LifeLabs, to allow you to be aware of any foods that may be worsening or contributing to  your health problems, especially if we both think it may help.

Remember you are what you eat.

Furthermore my tool box as a Naturopathic Doctor includes:
● The ability to develop a solution if nothing else has worked in the past!